H.U. Agbebaku


The research examined solid waste disposal and management techniques encountered by residents and environmental waste managers in the management of solid waste in Benin City. Waste disposal had been a menace in recent times in most cities in Nigeria and Benin City and this calls for urgent attention. The challenge of waste disposal has been the consistent use of rudimentary methods against modern techniques. For this study, the objective was that examined solid waste disposal and management techniques in Benin City while the hypothesis is no significant variation in the techniques of waste management on quality of environment among the 3 Local Government Areas of Oredo, Egor and Ikpoba-Okha that constitute the City of Benin was tested. Data for this study were obtained from primary and secondary sources. Primary data were obtained from 25 selected wards and communities from 110 settlements in the study area through systematic sampling nd technique from the selected streets and houses in each of the 3 Local Government Areas. In each of the streets, the 2 , nd middle and 2 to the last households were administered with the questionnaire. A total of 1,781 questionnaires were administered in 768 polling units and 192,250 numbers of registered voters were used for this study. Secondary data were sourced from published and documentary materials. Descriptive and statistical analyses were used for the study. Findings from the objective of the study revealed that the use of sack-bag constitutes the highest storage facilities, this accounts for 55.3% of the total storage facilities. Block-setting is 21.7%, polythene bag represents 9.4%, the use of basket represents 6.7% and metal drums represents 1.7%. The use of other facilities constitutes the remains of 5.2%. It was recommended that there should be a change of the methods of waste disposal and management techniques to curtail the menace of solid waste in Benin City owing to population increase and urban growth and development. In addition, human attitude should be curtailed while Waste Management Board should compel Local Government Council areas, private sector practitioners and Environmental Free-Lancers to provide a clear plan on effective waste management which will involve waste resource recovery, re-use, recycling and conservation processes.


Assessment, Global methods, Solid waste disposal, Management techniques, Benin City, Nigeria.

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