Perfomance, serum and haematological parameter of broiler chicken fed honey at varying dietary levels

O.J. Osunkeye, P.O. Fakolade, B.E. Olorede, O.O Adeagbo


Background: This study was conducted to determine how feeding of honey at different dietary level of inclusion affect chicken's performance, serum and haematological parameters responses of unsex broiler Methods: One hundred and fifty six (156) day-old broiler chicks of Anak strain were used for the study. The chicks were reared together in the brooding pen for two weeks.
Thereafter, they were randomly allotted in a complete randomised design into four treatments (T1 - Control, T2 -10 ml of honey/kg Feed, T3 – 20 ml of honey/ kg Feed, and T4 – 30 ml of honey/ kg Feed respectively). 39 birds were distributed into each treatment which was replicated three times and were fed to satisfaction. The weight gain, feed intake and FCR were determined and blood sample was collected from a bird at the end of the experiment (9th week) from each replicate, and were analyzed for the serum and haematological parameters.
Results: The result of honey inclusion on feed intake, daily weight gain and FCR were significantly different (p<0.05). The highest weight gain was recorded in T2 and T4 respectively. T2 (10 ml of honey per kg of feed) had the best FCR. The percentage mortality was observed to high in T4 birds despite having the highest feed intake. There were no significant difference (p>0.05) in all the haematological parameters measured. Also, in all entire serum biochemical compound examined, only serum albumin was significantly affected (p<0.05) by the varying levels of honey inclusion. It was observed that the albumin present in the blood of broiler chicken fed with T2, T3 and T4 respectively were more compared with the control (T1), with the highest value in T2 (1.80 g/dl).
Conclusion: The result of the study showed that, 10 ml of honey per kg of feed (T2) inclusion in broiler chicken"s feed formulations can influence the performance, FCR and serum albumin in hot condition in order to alleviate heat stress.


Heat stress, honey, broiler chicken, haematological parameters

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