Proximate, physico-chemical and palatability analysis of grilled and boiled meat from broilers fed varying levels of honey in their diet during dry season

P.O. Fakolade, V.O. Akinduro, K.O. Osunsanmi


Background: The effect of suppressing heat stress using honey as a natural substance on processed (grilled and boiled) meat instead of synthetic vitamin Aand C in poultry industry during the dry season is the focus of this study.
Poultry production is one of the fastest means of producing foods for human consumption and a most thriving section of the livestock industry. Heat stress causes less consumption of food, increase in body temperature which could affect digestion, respiration rate rises and evaporation of water from the lungs.
Methods: 156-day old broiler chicks (Gallus domesticus) were distributed into four treatments and three replicates, they were fed with compounded feed with 0ml, 10mls, 20mls, and 30mls, of honey inclusion per Kg of feed represented as T1, T2, T3, and T4 respectively. After 8 weeks, 5 birds per treatments were selected and slaughtered, cut primally, boiled and grilled at 100 0C, for 20minutes. Samples were evaluated for proximate, physicochemical and palatability analysis in a completely randomized design.
Results: Results showed that the fresh meat had the highest significant moisture content, followed by the boiled samples and then the grilled samples. The grilled samples had the highest value (P<0.05) for crude protein, ether extract and ash content for all the treatments than boiled or fresh samples for proximate analysis. T2 appears best having the lowest values for moisture and ether extract and highest values for ash and protein contents. Physico –chemical properties revealed that T1 had the highest (P<0.05) value for cold shortening, thermal shortening, cooking loss and water holding capacity than T2, T3, and T4. T2 was rated highest for the boiled and grilled samples having the highest values in flavor, juiciness, and texture.
Conclusion:T2 with 10 ml inclusion of honey perform best in proximate, physicochemical, and palatability status for both boiled and grilled broiler meat.


Honey, boiled broiler, grilled broiler and heat stress

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